Grooming: how to take care of your face and body?

Because taking care of your skin and body is no longer just for women, the trend towards beards, moustaches and close shaves, as well as the quest for impeccable skin, means that you, gentlemen, need to know how to take care of yourself. Don't limit your search for the best men's hairstyle to a hairdressing pro! From now on, all grooming salons will be able to offer you the right care for your face and body.

Get to know your skin with grooming


Male grooming with a professional hairdresser and beard stylist puts men back at the center of our society as entitled, in turn, to take care of themselves with a few tricks up their sleeve. But before you wander randomly into the aisles of a men's cosmetics and beauty store, ask yourself the right questions about your needs.


Use the right products for your skin type


Remember, male grooming is all about knowing your body, and therefore your skin type. In dermatology, there are generally three types of skin that require specific care. We're thinking in particular of skin known as :

  • "Normal": this type of skin has few or no imperfections for smooth skin;
  • "Oily or combination: excess sebum is responsible for shiny, reddened skin, sometimes accompanied by rashes;  
  • "Dry or atopic": your dry skin is prone to irritation and redness, and can peel off in extreme cold, as the epidermis has trouble moisturizing itself naturally.

If you don't know your skin tone, a dermatologist is the best solution before asking your hair and beard professional to take care of you.


Soap & scrub: make no mistake


For efficient male grooming, even at home, it's best to use one soap for your face and another for your body. If more than 70% of men use only one, it's at the risk of your face being irritated by an overly aggressive product. Ask any hair and beard professional: you can forget about big-box products that lather, because while lather may convey an image of cleanliness, it's not mandatory for the product to be effective. On the contrary, too much foam means your skin is "over-cleansed", and your epidermis is weakened. Prefer vegetable oils for gentle cleansing with natural products.

In addition, use an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week. It's by far a universal, non-feminine product, contrary to what some men might think. Any hair and beard professional will recommend it. An exfoliating scrub thoroughly removes dead skin, as well as any unnoticed micro-dust that may be lodged in your skin's pores. Exfoliating scrubs often contain moisturizing ingredients to relax your skin and give it a rest before you apply your day cream.


Shaving: be careful not to scratch yourself!


Beards mean shaving! A razor blade pressed too hard against sensitive skin can cause irritation, which a cream will have trouble soothing. If you use a razor with 2, 3 or 4 blades, you risk the symptoms of microtrauma on your skin, with the appearance of redness, pimples and, in the worst case, cuts that can become scars. A hair and beard professional will be able to give you the best advice on how to shave safely.

As soon as you've finished shaving, run cold water over your skin to tighten the pores and apply aftershave, if possible in cream form, to ensure your skin is well moisturized.


Products for every man


Because all men should be able to enjoy grooming, that is, complete body care, you should know that men have never been more in demand for men's beauty products than in recent years.


Men's cosmetics on the rise


Many companies have understood men's sudden interest in cosmetics. This means that any barber or hairdresser can offer you a wide range of pampering treatments that go beyond simple men's hairdressing and beard trimming.

You'll find the usual moisturizers and exfoliators, plus everything you need for complete face and neck waxing. And don't forget a shampoo adapted to your hair type, for a shiny, soft men's hairstyle. A grooming salon of this name will always offer you a manicure, pedicure and discreet make-up to enhance your complexion - concealer, sun powder, etc.


The scope of "from head to toe" grooming


Let's be clear: male grooming goes beyond a simple shaving session with a professional barber. Very widespread in the United States, this concept, which originated in professional hairdressing and barbering salons, is starting to make inroads in France.

Grooming means taking care of your face and body (manicure/pedicure is starting to take hold), for a complete service on a par with what you'd find in a women's beauty salon.