How to clean your beard: grooming tips

If grooming is gaining in popularity every year, it's because beard care products are constantly multiplying to offer ever more innovative beard products. Whether you've got a big beard or just a few days' beard, here's all our male grooming advice, for a beard that's radiantly beautiful and soft to the touch.


Why is it important to clean your beard properly?


If you want a soft, shiny beard, it's essential to surround yourself with the right beard care products. But before we launch into an explanatory guide to the various beard care products available, here are the reasons why you need to look after your beard.


All you need to know about hygiene


Hygiene is a source of daily comfort. Pollution, dust and crumbs from your meals dirty your beard every day, and can be a source of itching and, in the rarest cases, rashes. Washing your beard is therefore essential not only to maintain it, but also to keep your skin looking its best. If you have a big beard, you can look after it by washing it at least twice a week. For a three-day beard, one wash a week is sufficient. Grooming is all about taking care of yourself to look your best.


Beauty tutorial: how to take good care of it


At last, the moment you've been waiting for: all the steps you need to take to care for your beard. Among all our grooming tips, we've put together a quick rundown of all the must-have beard products, not forgetting the best way to use them. Don't forget that a beautiful beard is first and foremost your best seduction asset!


Beard shampoo & conditioner


One of your bathroom essentials is the famous beard shampoo. This product has seen a real implosion in the sector in recent years, with variations in scent and for different skin types (oily, normal or atopic).

Always apply your beard shampoo in the shower, using small, rotating strokes to thoroughly impregnate the beard product. Avoid too-fast up-and-down strokes, which damage your hairs, going against their natural direction of growth for too-fast, and therefore aggressive, strokes.

For best results, apply a beard conditioner in the evening. The purpose of conditioner is to deeply nourish dry hair and restore its natural shape, without greasing it.


Beard oil


It's an asset for any barber shop to offer its customers beard oil. The aim of this grooming tip is to nourish your beard hair, restoring its tone and softness thanks to natural ingredients. Among the most popular beard oils on the market are those based on castor oil (for growth), argan oil (for softness), jojoba oil (regulates the epidermis by moisturizing without greasing, etc.).


Dry carefully for impeccable results!


There are several ways to dry your beard. First of all, always wipe off the water with your bath towel, without rubbing but pressing down, so that the water disgorges more easily from the hairs without damaging their structure. This is quite sufficient if your beard is only a few days old. If, on the other hand, you've got a big beard, you're better off using a hair dryer. Smaller, less hot beard dryers are also available, to reduce irritation.

Last step in this grooming tutorial: brush your beard! Don't forget that brushing is always more effective with a boar bristle brush, more appreciable than plastic, which gently detangles them.