Paris Opéra

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10am-8pm / Monday

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43 rue Saint-Augustin

75002 Paris


Our Opéra salon is the most refined of all Bonhomme salons. Featuring moldings, woodwork, alcove windows and high ceilings, our Bonhomme Opéra men's salon is equipped with six Belmont armchairs for your utmost comfort, and a contemporary-design reception area. Nestled on a quiet side street in the heart of the Opéra district, this space is ideal for busy businessmen who want to relax between appointments.

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Men's haircuts and styling

From the classic Bonhomme haircut to the American layered men's cut, our team creates all types of men's haircuts and advises you according to the nature of your hair and the shape of your face for a haircut that will age well. Your men's hairdressing salon in Nantes also offers a range of different formulas: the "hair + beard" formula for bearded men, the "father and son" formula for a combined cut with your child, or the "transformation cut" formula for a radical change.

Shaving, beard and moustache trimming

All our men's salons offer a wide range of beard trimming and shaving services for our bearded, mustachioed and clean-shaven customers. Our team of barbers perform beard trimming for long beards or 3-day beards, mustache trimming of all shapes, and old-fashioned shaves for a cleaner, longer-lasting look (you save a day compared with a home shave).

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Coloring, camouflage, fading

Hair coloring is also a man's business. At Bonhomme, our team is trained in coloring men's hair and beards. Repigmentation camo" is a coloring technique used to camouflage white hair. Our teams are also experts in bleaching men's hair requiring special treatment. As for beard tinting, it allows us to even out the different shades of beard hair for a clean look.

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Facial waxing and sensitive areas

Our barbers also offer facial waxing for a flawless look. Nose waxing, ear waxing, cheekbone waxing, eyebrow waxing, neck waxing, nape waxing - we know all about waxing sensitive areas. Our facial waxings are performed with hot wax to ensure gentleness and efficiency.


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Men's cuts galore.

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Beard trimming

We specialize in three-day beards and long beards.

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Pampered customers

In all, we looked after more than 42,000 customers between 2022 and 2023.

12 000

New customers

Every year, more and more of you have your hair done in our barbershops.


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Our customers are satisfied, and they let us know it!

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Services provided

A feat made possible by our team of 40 passionate barbers.

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"A top team! Very professional and technical in addition to a great atmosphere. A pleasure to come to this salon for over 3 years now."



"I have visited many barbershops around the world and BONHOMME is definitely one of the best. Meticulous cutting and care of hair and beard with good maintenance tips."



"Very professional! The cut is meticulous to the millimetre, frankly the best value for money in Paname with good humour to boot!!!"