Beards and coconut oil: our tips for a perfect beard!

If you've landed on this article, it's because you're undoubtedly looking for the miracle product to maintain your beard? Discover the benefits of coconut oil for your beard! Coconut oil is perfect if your beard hair has never been groomed, suffers from a lack of care and remains rough after every beard shampoo you give it. To put an end to this hairy ordeal, your favorite barber Bonhomme in Paris and Nantes gives you his best advice!


Benefits for your beard: why choose coconut oil?


Wondering which beard oil to choose in 2019? Considering coconut oil for your beard? You're right! In fact, coconut oil for beards is not only widely used, but recommended by all men's barbershops, including Barbier Bonhomme in Paris and Nantes. Barbers, it's high time you changed your daily beauty routine and discovered the benefits of coconut oil for your beard.


What is coconut oil for beards?


You can find it in any retail outlet, from the largest to the most eco-friendly. Coconut oil isn't just for beards: you'll find it in food products as well as in beauty and women's care ranges. In fact, you can find out that all barbers' grandmothers agree on this subject, by discovering our article dedicated to the best recipes! The benefits for the beard are also the same as for the hair, explaining its presence in a variety of products for both men and women.

Although it may seem laughable to say so, coconut beard oil is made from over 50% coconuts. You should therefore see COCOS NUCIFERA OIL written on the label of your bottle, attesting to the fact that it comes from a vegetable source and has not been processed in a laboratory. For best results, always opt for 100% natural coconut beard oil, preferably from an organic range, to ensure that it contains no toxic products (parabens, etc.). A quality beard oil will always benefit your beard, both in the short and long term. This logic is the same for all oils on the market, as our article on castor oil demonstrates.


Coconut oil for your beard: unsuspected properties


The benefits of a quality beard oil for your beard are often unknown. But the main benefit of coconut oil is the water and fatty acids it provides for your beard, resulting in better hydration of your hair and skin. Moisturizing your beard helps prevent :

  • Itching due to hair growth, increasing your chances of getting a big beard faster because you'll be touching it less, reducing the risk of damaging your hair;
  • By touching it less, you'll grease it less quickly. Not to mention that it stays clean longer, so you'll need to wash it less often for less stress on the bristles;
  • This moisturizing action strengthens keratin, bringing shine and softness to your beard naturally. Easy, isn't it ?


All the tips from your best male barber


Have you bought coconut oil but don't know how to apply it? If this is your first application, don't be too heavy-handed or too light-handed, and let our expert men's barbers at Bonhomme in Paris and Nantes guide you.


How do you apply coconut oil to your beard?


To be sure of all the benefits of coconut oil on your beard, you need to prepare your beard in several steps. Here are the best Barber tips Bonhomme in Paris and Nantes for a successful application after brushing your beard:

  • Release a few drops between the palms of your hand;
  • Rub gently to warm the beard oil;
  • Apply strand by strand to your beard;
  • Leave it to rest for a few minutes to allow the benefits to work effectively on your beard;
  • Rinse thoroughly (oil is a greasy substance);
  • Pat your beard dry with your towel, little by little.

By following our advice from our barber shops Bonhomme in Paris and Nantes, you'll be able to enjoy a beautiful beard thanks to the right coconut beard oil. If you're not sure which product to choose, come and visit us in our barber shop. Our concept-store will delight you!