Castor oil: good for your beard?

Our barber shops Bonhomme in Paris are much more than just a barber shop for men. We invite you to discover the use of castor oil, a beard oil renowned for its unsurpassed benefits. Barber Bonhomme in Paris has investigated and tells you all you need to know about how to maintain your beard - or not - with this special beard oil...


When should you use castor oil for your beard?


Are you looking for the best beard oil and interested in using castor oil to soften your beard ? If you're a trendy bearded man, you're probably going to men's barbers in Paris who finish their work with a delicate dab of castor oil in your beard. Barbers Bonhomme in Paris are no exception, and here's why!


Natural properties


To help you understand the benefits of using castor oil to care for your beard, Barbier Bonhomme in Paris and Nantes has compiled a summary of all the natural properties of castor oil. Don't forget, dear bearded friend, that these properties have not been scientifically attested, despite convincing results. The natural effects recognized by users include:

  • A soft, shiny coat for unequalled softness;
  • Accelerated beard hair regrowth thanks to a high vitamin E and fatty acid content;
  • Hair is strengthened because it is nourished and protected from the external environment (pollution in particular).

And don't forget that castor oil is 100% natural, so its composition is free from toxic products. If you choose castor beard oil, it's best to buy from your favorite barber shop, so that your barber can advise you on the best brand.


The benefits of this beard care oil


Although stated in the previous paragraph, properties are not the only advantages if you decide to buy castor beard oil to maintain your beard. In fact, a men's barber in Paris, such as Bonhomme in Paris and Nantes, will always recommend that you buy beard oil according to your specific needs and requirements. In fact, if you'd like to find out more, read on to discover the 5 must-have products selected by Barbier Bonhomme !

Many bearded men tend to want to start growing beards. But having a big beard requires maintenance, as well as luck if the hairs don't break off along the way. Not to mention the fact that an incipient beard tends to show holes, which you can only hide when your beard is voluminous enough. By accelerating the growth process, castor oil allows you to fill in these gaps quickly, for a beard that's smooth and silky to the touch. Castor oil is a tip from the best men's hairdressers in Paris who know their stuff!


Tips from your barber shop Bonhomme Paris & Nantes


Bearded customers, you've got no choice but to stock up as quickly as possible on castor oil worthy of the name! But you still need to know how to apply it so that the result is absolutely perfect, just like the greatest Hollywood movie stars on the red carpet...


Using castor oil: how to apply it to your beard?


When you use castor beard oil for the very first time, you may be put off by its thick, sticky appearance. It's perfectly normal: this appearance is due to its richness in fatty acids, which deeply nourish your hair and are therefore ideal for maintaining your beard.

Place a small amount in the palm of your hand and warm it up, rubbing gently palm to palm. Apply gently to your beard, strand by strand, without pulling or missing any hairs. For a clean result, and to make sure your whole beard soaks up this beard oil, brush your beard beforehand to loosen knots and remove the day's dirt.

If your beard is particularly dry, don't hesitate to use a beard bath once a week. Follow the same procedure, but leave the beard oil on overnight and wash off the excess the next morning. With this shock treatment, why not try coconut oil?