Growing a beard in winter

How do you grow a beard when winter is just around the corner and sunny days are already becoming a distant memory? Would you like to continue or start growing your beard in winter? To avoid a beard frozen and damaged by the cold, it's always best to visit your local barber shop and stock up on the best products to face the snowflakes and icy squalls. 

Pick up in your barber shop

If this is your first visit to a barbershop, you'll find that they stock a wide range of beard-growing products. Yes, it's not just hipsters who are looking for length in their beards! It's up to you to ask the barber for advice on the best products to choose, to grow your beard easily. 

Take care of your skin

If you're having trouble growing your beard in winter, it's probably because you're not looking after your skin with barber shop products. Without a good base, how do you expect your hair to come out healthy? It's up to you to give your skin everything it needs with beard growth products. 

With a barber shop, you have everything you need to take care of your skin in the shower. Particularly in winter, when freezing temperatures can lead to a frozen beard, with hair regrowth, before thawing. You damage its natural structure, and the first risk is that it will fall out. 

To avoid this in winter, it's up to you to grab the right products to grow your beard, thanks to barber shop products. A la carte, you should always find your professional barber, as Bonhomme offers you, a barber shop filled with :  

  • Beard shampoos adapted to your hair type (dry, normal, greasy);
  • Conditioners to restore strength and tone to your coat, thanks to natural ingredients (shea butter);
  • Beard balms to aerate your skin, which is under-oxygenated because of your beard hair. Not only do you remove all dead skin cells for skin that breathes, you also provide all the supplements your beard needs, while nourishing your hair right down to its roots. 

Choose essential oils

To complete your little routine, always opt for essential oils. Always a fixture at your local barber shop, they're perfect not for growing beard, but for giving it all the complements it needs to flourish. 

Essential oils (castor, argan, coconut, shea, etc.) are perfect for stale hair in need of revitalizing care. Very popular in barber shops, their main purpose is to moisturize, protect and strengthen against the elements - always handy when heavy snowflakes or strong gusts of wind dry out beard hair.   

Fashion faux pas

The worst thing you can do as a bearded man is neglect your beard (and barber shop), worse, take care of it the wrong way. If you're wondering how to grow a beard, stop doing the wrong thing in the first place! Here are the winter faux pas, but we invite you to read this article on beard care myths, which we're particularly fond of. 

Avoid cutting everything all the time

The first mistake is to believe that your beard continues to grow in the same way, in summer as in winter. Sunlight, rich in vitamin C, stimulates your blood circulation, providing the right conditions for your beard hairs to grow properly. 

If you continue to trim your beard hair with a razor as often as you do in summer, you're in for a disappointment. You'll soon notice that your beard hair, lacking sunlight and in cooler weather, grows more slowly. Nevertheless, here's an article on when and how to trim your beard, if you're interested in the subject. 

Our advice? To keep your facial hair, shave all the beard hair on your neck and Adam's apple. Use your razor only to shave your cheeks, but leave the hair near your chin alone, otherwise you'll lose thickness. Always use the products provided by your barber shop, especially if you've had a frosty beard. 

Don't stop taking care of it as soon as the sun goes down. 

We were talking about the sun: strangely enough, many bearded men only maintain their beards in summer. Probably because they feel the need, with skin drying out more quickly and hair heating up, when the sun sends out particularly powerful UV waves.  

The absence of the sun doesn't mean your beard no longer needs revitalizing care, with beard-growing products, from your barber shop. It's up to you to give your beard all the essentials it needs to flourish. To find out more, discover all the tips for a full beard!