Maintaining your beard even on vacation

Are you planning to go on vacation this year, but don't know how to look after your man-beard? Your barber in Paris and Nantes, Barbier Bonhomme , offers you his best tips for caring for your beard this summer. Dry hairs beware!


What are the risks for your beard on vacation?


Although vacations are the perfect time to relax, your beard hair won't be immune to all your expeditions. There are many risks to consider when you go on vacation, from sunbathing to skiing on the highest peaks. Barber Bonhomme reveals all its grooming tips to take care of your beard!


New city = new risks


When you go on vacation, you encounter a new environment to which your body, like your man-beard, must adapt. Dry, damaged, brittle... Your beard hair suffers from new exposures, which can just as easily be pollution, new weather conditions, a new diet (and the excesses that can accompany them), have a very strong impact on our bodies. And that includes your beard, which you need to protect! 


To learn more, don't hesitate to ask your barber in Paris or your barber in Nantes for advice on the best way to maintain your beard, depending on your destination. This article explains laser hair removal, an increasingly important step for some men to achieve a successful selfie. 


The sun: natural discoloration


The sun is much sought-after by holidaymakers, whether on the beach or in exotic countries. Although your beard acts as a natural barrier to the sun and protects your skin, that doesn't mean it can't be affected by its UV rays! Just as your hair naturally fades, so does your beard. In fact, UV rays influence the hair's internet structure, from ends to roots, drying it out.  


Snow: an enemy not to be forgotten for your beard


As for the snow, it can play more than one trick on you. Underneath its white color, it's a mixture of water and pollution. When you get home, always wash your beard after you've been exposed to snow, as it can :

  • Dirt your beard because it sticks all the dust and food remains in your beard man ;
  • Extremely dry due to its icy temperature, which attacks your beard hair and deforms its natural structure;
  • In the long term, your beard hairs won't be able to withstand this temperature if they've already dried out. You risk losing your hairs, with the appearance of holes in your beard (to learn how to fill beard holes, we tell you all about it in this article!).


Our vacation tips Bonhomme


To counter the natural elements, we offer our best barbering tips for good beard care in summer and winter alike. Ask your barber in Paris or your barber in Nantes for advice Bonhomme ! 


Take all the beard care products you need with you


Always take a beard kit with you on vacation. This kit should contain all the essential beard care products you need for any occasion. These days, there are many beard products available in "travel" formats for a good trip. 


Here is our selection for the perfect travel beard set: 


  • A boar bristle beard brush;
  • Shaving gel or foam for your beard;
  • A cabbage trimmer (electric clippers can be difficult to recharge on a road trip) or a razor;
  • Beard shampoo;
  • Beard conditioner;
  • A beard oil (castor oil, coconut oil, etc.) adapted to your beard hair problems;
  • A beard balm to use if you feel your beard is itching. It removes dead skin from under your beard while deeply moisturizing your beard hair for successful beard maintenance.