How do you trim your moustache?

Bearded men, you've just plunged into the heart of the trends if you've come across our article. The moustache is the back-to-school tip for a trendy look, with the possibility of alternating styles, so that your moustache beard style belongs to you and no one else. Bonhomme With 4 barber shops in Paris and 1 barber shop in Nantes, we're waiting for you to trim your beard and moustache to suit your personality. 


Moustache: style matters!


Gentlemen, there's nothing more important than knowing the different beard styles available, before you take the plunge into beard trimming! We've already listed all the known moustaches in our Guide to your moustache, a comprehensive article giving you all the information you need to know before you take the plunge. 


To make sure you choose the right style, Bonhomme advises you to read our article " Beard and mustache: how to match them ", to make sure you go for a look that suits you, between a trendy, timeless style or one that matches your vintage haircut.  


Trim your moustache, step by step


The steps involved in trimming a moustache (and beard) are not rocket science. However, it's important to be well-equipped with the right tools, so that you're satisfied with the result. 


Step 1: Sprouting


We open our little guide to trimming your beard and moustache with an essential question: do you have enough material to work your moustache? 


If you're still in the early stages of growth, don't even think about touching it: you'll spoil all its potential. We recommend you wait ten days or so - yes, you'll have to go through a period of scratching, as growth creates a lot of irritation - before you can finally tackle it. Find out more in our article on how to survive this difficult period! 


You may be tempted to trim a few unsightly hairs: leave them alone, or you'll have to start all over again from 0! 


Step 2: Thicken your moustache


After two to three weeks of growth, depending on the thickness and thickness of your hair, you'll need to trim your moustache. To do this, you'll need a comb to lift your moustache hairs. For the first few strokes, use clippers. For more precise trimming, use scissors or a razor. 


Don't forget to match your beard and moustache, starting by trimming your beard, so that you're satisfied with the result. 


Step 3: Trim your beard and moustache in harmony


Trimming your beard and moustache in harmony may seem easy at first. But it's more difficult than you might think: we recommend that you visit your local barber in Paris or your local barber in Nantes Bonhomme, where our barbers can give you their best tips. 


What's more, a barber can always teach you how to use a cabbage trimmer, ideal for trimming your beard and moustache with precision, as if you were a real expert, as we explain in this article!


Our barbering tips


Bonhomme shares her best tips for impeccable results! 


Work your moustache from the corner of your upper lips, trimming it lengthwise to create a gap between your moustache and your lip. You can pull on your lips gently for greater precision. This tip should be used at least once a week, every other week at most, so that your beard and moustache don't look unkempt. 


For a finer moustache, you need to trim the top. The skin between your nose and mustache is very sensitive. We recommend that you use a shaving brush, with a little shaving gel or shaving oil, to avoid irritating it.