How to shave with a cabbage cutter

Gentlemen, if you don't have a coupe-choux in your beard care kit, then you haven't experienced the real pleasure that every barber takes in shaving and trimming a beard with dexterity. Before you get started, here's our guide to making shaving with a cabbage trimmer second nature for you. 


Why do you need a cabbage trimmer?


The cabbage cutter is one of those accessories that has lost none of its modernity. The primary tool of barbers across the continents, it is without doubt the benchmark tool for all men's barbers and hairdressers. Whether you're shaving with a cabbage trimmer, trimming your beard or defining a cut, a few basics are always good to know. You'll find them in our dedicated article!


What you need to know about this traditional blade


Also known as the "saber" blade (in reference to infantrymen's weapons) for its steel cutting edge, the cabbage cutter is much feared when first used. In fact, although it is still widely used by many barbers, it is a tool that is likely to create a great many cuts. To learn how to shave like a barber, click here.

That's why many individuals prefer electric or mechanical razors to cabbage trimmers, because although they're less precise, it's almost impossible to cut yourself with these instruments. However, it's also a moment of pleasure to share with your favorite barber hairdresser, like a moment of relaxation every morning. 


The advantages of shaving with a cabbage cutter over any other accessory


A technique to make all barbers blush with envy


As with any job, apprehension has its place. Repetition of the gesture, as well as a better technique with your beard trimmer, will help you gain confidence. If you're looking for the best beard style, check out our best tips!

What's more, there are now a multitude of different models of beard trimmer with different noses (or tips): round or half-moon noses, Spanish noses or hooked noses (also known as barber's notch). Test these models to find the best way to trim your beard and reach difficult areas (nose, chin), and become a true barber. 


Everywhere and everyday 


It's important to remember that the cabbage trimmer is a manual tool which, compared to the electric razor, doesn't need external power to operate. So you can take it with you wherever you go, even on vacation. An advantage that many bearded men used to electric razors will envy!


Our maintenance guide to trimming your beard like a real barber


If you're determined to discover your innate barbering talent, you should know that shaving with a cabbage cutter doesn't require a great deal of technical skill, but you do need to know the various steps involved in order to achieve a successful cut. Do you think your barber hairdresser has only made a few attempts before gaining the confidence to wield this sharp instrument? Here's our guide to shaving:


1. Prepare your skin


Soft skin is skin that's ready to be shaved. Preferably shave in the morning on an empty stomach: with less blood flow, you're less likely to create micro-cuts and irritations. Trim your beard preferably after showering, to open your skin's pores and rid it of all surface impurities. Otherwise, run a warm towel over your face. 


2. Shaving with a cabbage trimmer: all our tips to make you look like a real barber


Surround yourself with all your accessories: soap, foam, towel, bowl. 

  • Start by preparing your mixture with your soap or foam and spread it over the areas you wish to shave;
  • Shave your beard in the direction of beard hair growth. Tilt the blade at around 30° and apply to well-taut skin;
  • Make a 2nd soap preparation;
  • Make a second pass. Don't overdo it: too much pressure can lead to irritation and redness. 

You can carry out the last two steps a 3rd and final time to detail the contours and achieve a perfect shape for your cut. 


3. How to take care of your skin after


Once you've finished, remove any remaining foam or soap with water (not your razor), and gently pat your skin with your towel to soothe it. Our tip for soft skin? Apply a soothing, moisturizing balm to relieve irritation and nourish your skin.