How do I care for a thick beard?

Any bearded man can quickly grow a big beard: but who can boast a good beard? Although the hipster look has been making a comeback for several years now, few bearded men know how to look after their beards properly. Here's a look at everything you need to know about beard care, from beard care products to how to trim your beard like a real barber. 


Maintaining a thick beard: our best tips before you start


Before we present all the beard care products you need in your beard box, it's probably a good idea to review a few basics...


Find out how big your beard is


Dear bearded man, before maintaining your big beard, you need to determine what type of beard you have. Big beards have made a real comeback, but they're best suited to those with square, strong or long faces. If you have a big beard, the deceptively scruffy look is, and remains, deceptively scruffy! In fact, the unkempt look hides a real need for daily maintenance for a cool beard, both in terms of length and appearance. 


To achieve a beautiful beard, it needs to be voluminous around the jawline, with closely shaved cheekbones and neck. Another big, trendy beard: the pointed beard. This requires more maintenance for a flawless appearance, and can be worn with a casual look, as well as in the workplace. It's perfect for square-faced beards, for a dandy or modern look. 


Equip yourself with professional tools and accessories


All that's left is for you to get all the tools and accessories you need for a perfect look. Beard trimming requires the best tools for a beautiful beard. As any barber will tell you, a beard kit should include :


  • A pair of scissors;
  • A lawnmower;
  • Cabbage cutter;
  • Beard comb;
  • Various beard oils to suit your hair problems;
  • A boar bristle beard brush. 


Care products for a beautiful beard 


Now that you know more about how to care for a big beard, and how you should look, all that's left to do is stock up on beard care products. Here are the best tips Bonhomme !


Shampoos & conditioners


Even before trimming your big beard, it's a good idea to take care of it with a beard shampoo that you can use 1-2 times a week. Beard hair is thicker and doesn't respond to the same problems as your hair. Using the right shampoo to rehydrate your beard hair without damaging your skin, and washing with complete peace of mind, requires a thorough understanding of your beard hair: a challenge that every Bonhomme barber takes up with flying colors!


And for bearded men with an eye for detail who want to soften a coat that's too dry despite a nourishing beard shampoo, there's nothing like a conditioner to leave on for 10 to 15 minutes for nourished, shiny, soft hair. 


For tough hair: beard balms and oils

If you have particularly dry hair, Barbier Bonhomme advises you not to give up and use this method: 


  1. After washing your beard, apply a few drops of beard oil to your beard brush. Castor oil is the best-known and most widespread beard oil on the market, and we'll tell you all about its benefits in this article;
  2. Once a month, apply a beard mask or beard balm: these 2 beard care products are known to nourish and moisturize the skin under your beard, which can tend to peel, creating beard dandruff. Thanks to this product, you can gently revitalize your skin while nourishing your beard hair, for convincing results from the very first application!


Barbier Bonhomme offers you even more tips and tricks by visiting one of our barber shops in Paris or Nantes. Our concept-store is stocked with all the beard care products you need for your big beard, so you can have a beautiful beard as quickly as possible.