How do I get a good beard?

You don't know how to maintain your beard, whether you want a trimmed beard or a beautiful natural beard that you can enhance with a few beauty tips? Here are 5 tips on how to achieve a beautiful beard in just a few weeks.


Our first tips


Don't confuse beard trimming with haste! If you let your beard grow, it's going to take a lot of effort, including giving it time to grow before you take that famous step.


Patience is the first of virtues


As you can see, the most important thing when it comes to beard care is to be patient, so that you get the best results. During the growth period, you'll experience a lot of itching due to hair growth. Avoid scratching, otherwise you'll accelerate the hair loss process and risk ending up with "holes" in certain areas. If you want a beautiful beard, you'll have to wait 5 to 6 weeks for your efforts to pay off.


Discover the benefits of a beard mask


Don't forget that a beautiful beard is first and foremost a beard cared for with the right products. Indeed, with the beard trend of recent years, men now have plenty of choice when it comes to caring for their beards. A beard mask is one of the most practical products available. This deeply nourishes the skin under your beard hair, which can no longer breathe. The mask moisturizes and cares for it. This helps reduce the appearance of dandruff and itching, for more pleasant beard growth every day.


Prune regularly, but not excessively


The first mistake all new bearded men make is to trim their beard every day, believing that this will speed up the growth process for a beautiful beard. This common mistake is counterproductive, as the hair is damaged by the many strokes of the scissors or clippers and eventually falls out, if not breaks.  

How do you look after your new beard? Take care of it by trimming sparingly, once a week. As hairs do not grow at the same speed, be precise when trimming and take care not to create "holes". Always perform this operation on wet hairs to avoid damaging the hair, and preferably pat dry with a towel for a beautiful beard in just a few weeks.


Our grooming tips for males


Some of our tips are natural and won't require any real effort on your part. Here are our final 3 tips for looking after your beard, so that it's in the best condition to grow and you can achieve a trim beard worthy of the name.


Moisturize with the right products


Are you familiar with beard shampoo and conditioner? If these products are already part of your morning routine, it's a good idea not to forget to moisturize your beard when it's dry and clean. We're thinking in particular of beard oil, a trick that moisturizes your beard without greasing your skin. This prevents your skin from becoming irritated and dry, with unexpected symptoms such as rashes, redness or the appearance of dandruff.

Apply a few drops of product between your hands, then warm them between your hands. Pat the product into the skin, but don't press down, so as not to saturate only part of your facial hair. Don't forget any area of your face. You'll have a beautiful beard, revitalized with natural products that feel soft to the touch. And don't forget that most of the oils on the market diffuse light fragrances for a feeling of well-being all day long.


Get the right accessories


A dexterously trimmed beard requires not only experience, but also the right tools. Choose a trimmer, which can be used to neatly trim the contours of the beard at cheek level. For the tips, however, opt for scissor trimming, taking it a step at a time to avoid having one side shorter than the other.

In addition to beard trimmers, it's essential to have a beard brush. Forget the plastic brush, which can pull at your facial hair, and opt for a boar bristle brush. The latter will brush your beard hair without damaging its natural structure (curly, frizzy, straight, etc.).


Maintaining your beard requires patience, but above all a well-adjusted routine for a beautiful beard and impeccable results!