Discolored beards and the sun: take care of them this summer

While style is important, beard maintenance is also important. Barbier Bonhomme, as your barber in Paris and your barber shop in Nantes, gives you its best tips, if you have discoloration of your beard and risk exposing it to the sun this summer. 


Maintaining a sun-kissed beard


The sun may be ideal for tanning your skin, but it can also dry out your beard hair. Especially since bleached beard hair is more sensitive to continuous exposure to UV rays. Remember: beard care on vacation is priceless!


What is beard bleaching?


Before we go any further, it's a good idea to understand what happens to your hair when you bleach your beard. You've decided to bleach your beard to match your hair color, which may also have been bleached. Whether you chose blond or a fancy color, the result is the same: your beard hair is damaged.


If you've been using a mass-market beard product and this is the first time you've done this, you may not have read its composition. Big-box beard whitening products use ammonia, a substance that discolors your beard hair by permanently altering its internal structure. 


As a result, your beard hair requires more careful maintenance, as it can dry out to the point of elasticity, fall out faster and lose its natural softness. If not lose their color, even if fancy, to take on an undesirable bland color. To find out what to do if your barber changes color, we explain in this article!


The risks of your beard in the sun


You've got dry beard hair: beard care becomes essential if you expose it to the sun on hot days. Among bearded men, we all know the truth: even though beard hair is a natural barrier against the sun's UV rays, a discolored beard hair doesn't have the same resistance. 


A study reported in our article on the risks of exposing your beard to the sun shows that the skin of a bearded man is twice as resistant to sunburn as that of a beardless man. Information that shouldn't leave you unmoved! How can you let your beard act as a sunscreen if it's already dried out before it's even exposed to the sun? 


Tips from your barber in Paris and your barber shop in Nantes


The expression "Prevention is better than cure" has a lot of meaning in our demonstration. Your barber in Paris and your barber shop in Nantes Bonhomme will tell you: if you've had your beard bleached one or more times (and even more so if you've repeated the operation many times to obtain a white beard), it's highly recommended to maintain your beard assiduously. Solutions can easily be put in place, even before you're on vacation.


Take along the right beard products for a beauty routine that's followed to the letter


To look after your beard, there's nothing like establishing a ritual every morning. And there's nothing better than asking your barber in Paris or your barber shop in Nantes Bonhomme for advice from a professional barber. Here are the beard products you'll find in any of our barbers' concept stores:


  • A revitalizing beard shampoo, for example with coconut oil, a 100% natural moisturizing agent;
  •  A beard conditioner for added shine and softness. Even if more than one bearded man is impatient, it's if you leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes that you'll see real results;
  • Always pat your beard dry with your towel and don't rub your beard hairs with it: you risk damaging the structure of your hairs;
  • To maintain your dried-out beard hair, you need to resort to an extreme method: coconut, argan or castor oil baths every night. These are the best beard care products, as they ensure that your beard hair stays alive for as long as possible. 


Our advice for looking after your beard? Use at least half the beard products on this list. A discolored beard hair needs care, even more so if you have a big beard, to keep it silky to the touch and shiny to the eye.