5 products for beard care!

Your barber will tell you: your beard is like your haircut. It needs long-term maintenance to keep its shine and softness. But it's easy to get lost among all the products on sale. Between pollution and the many bacteria that nestle comfortably between your hairs, you need to know these 5 must-have products for your beard kit to keep it clean and healthy.

Use your barber's shampoo instead

Of all the products on offer, shampoo is the foundation for a beautiful beard. It provides softness, shine and, above all, deep cleansing from the day's dust. Newly bearded men often tend to use shampoo for their hair, which is often too aggressive because your beard hair is more fragile and finer than your hair.

We recommend that you choose between a beard shampoo and a solid beard shampoo. The latter, used by every barber, are often made from natural products and guaranteed paraben- and phenoxyethanol-free. After use, you won't feel any tugging or scratching.

Have you ever tried a beard mask?

Still a little-used part of every bearded man's routine, the beard mask is not only practical but also quick to apply and dry. What's more, its natural, non-aggressive ingredients care for, nourish and restore shine to your beard. Brushing your beard too regularly and touching it are often responsible for breaking it. That's why beard masks have become a must-have for any barber who notices broken or dehydrated hair.

A mask provides a dual curative solution: it revitalizes your beard hairs deep down, while nourishing your skin, which is smothered in heat by the hairs. In this way, you prevent your skin from peeling, leaving your beard studded with white flakes of dandruff.

Enjoy the healing benefits of beard oil

Once your beard has been shampooed and rinsed of its mask, you can add a touch of hydration with a natural beard oil. Its natural, non-aggressive ingredients care for, nourish and restore shine to your beard.

Our first recommendation is to opt for an oil used by your barber, or prefer an organic brand, which guarantees products rich in minerals and vitamins. Read labels carefully and avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils, as their composition gives you the illusion of an efficient beard oil, whereas it actually dries out the hair.

Choose the right soap for your skin

Every day, taking care of your men's haircut and beard means choosing the best soap for your face, which will come into contact with your beard. To make sure you don't leave any residue, always clean with lukewarm water, massaging your beard so that the soap soaks in completely. To take skin and beard care a step further, once or twice a week you can use an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and dust particles.