Your Paris 8 barber shop awaits you at Hotel Mathis

Gentlemen, your beard shop in Paris 8 awaits you at the Hotel Mathis, a prestigious venue with a chic, relaxed atmosphere. Claiming "unbridled elegance", this venue gives free rein to the creativity of Barbier's professionals Bonhomme. Located just off the Champs Élysées, the services on offer allow you to enjoy the services of a men's hairstylist in Paris who knows what haircut suits you best. Whether you come in unannounced or by appointment, you'll always find a bonhomme ready to take care of you.


Grooming for men: barber shop Paris 8


Barbier Bonhomme is the brand that surprises and stops you in your tracks. Nestled in the former restaurant of the Hotel Mathis, known for its wild parties late into the night, your barber shop in Paris 8 has taken over the space as if it had been there forever.

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A chic, intimate and relaxed atmosphere


What could be better than a large space for a men's barber in Paris ? Barbers, whether you're a businessman at all hours or just strolling around the neighborhood, you'll always find a barber ready to welcome you at Barbier Bonhomme. Our barber shop in Paris 8 makes the most of its quirky setting, while imposing its chic but not too chic, casual but always in a cool spirit, so that you can enjoy a real moment of relaxation.


Barbers ready to give you a close shave


The team of barbers at this barbershop in Paris 8 is brimming with services to meet your every expectation. All our barbers have been carefully selected to ensure you get a cut and a shave worthy of the name. Before starting work in the barber shop in Paris 8, our team of barbers received 360° training in the barbering profession. Now experts in hair and beards, the team tailors their cuts to your face shape, style, needs and desires. Whether you're preparing for a special event or looking for a casual look, our team has an answer for everything.


Business or casual: a moment of relaxation guaranteed


Gentlemen with beards, take the time to discover this place near the Arc de Triomphe to relax after your shopping trip or during your lunch break after a day's work. Attentive to your style and attentive to your requests, our barber shop in Paris 8 proves that it's much more than just a barber in Paris 8 or a barber for men in Paris.


The services of your barber in Paris 8


As an exceptional barber shop in Paris 8, we pay attention to detail. To ensure a unique experience, we offer a range of services at professional prices: haircuts for €30, various beard treatments from €10 to €45, as well as a dedicated service for facials or waxing.

But what would a men's hairdresser in Paris be without his own concept store? Pairs of scissors, clippers, facial and beard care products, essential oils for your beard and more. Everything is done to ensure that you have at your fingertips the same accessories and body care products used by our team at our barber shop in Paris 8.  


Added value Bonhomme


But the real added value of this barbershop in Paris 8 is also its family spirit. His father & son formula offers you a haircut at the same time as your son, for a service performed at the same time, side by side.

And as if that weren't enough, how about a real moment of relaxation with a service not offered in every barber shop in Paris 8? Your barber in Paris 8 will place a warm towel on your face for a moment of pure relaxation. Lying back on our roll-top armchairs from the famous Takara Belmont brand, relaxation is no longer a luxury.