Your barber shop in Paris 2 is in the Montorgueil district

If you're lucky enough to stroll the cobbled streets of the Montorgueil district, you'll discover our barber shop in Paris 2 Barbier Bonhomme at 122 rue Saint-Denis. Comfortably installed, it's a cosy, relaxed place where our team of barbers in Paris awaits you, ready to take charge of your beard and/or hair. Come and discover this cool, atypical salon, with or without an appointment. A barber will always be ready to fulfill all your hair temptations.


Grooming for men: barber shop Paris 2


As a groomer, Barbier Bonhomme is committed to offering you only the highest quality services. With over 200m² spread over two floors, this Paris barber shop has plenty of surprises in store for you. 

If you like, Barbier Bonhomme is expanding its services every day, with a barber shop in Paris, Mathis, and a barber shop in Nantes. Whether you're an itinerant traveler or a regular barber, we'll take care of you quickly and smartly. 


A one-of-a-kind barber shop in Paris


It's true that there are plenty of barber shops in Paris, and making a choice can be difficult. Rather than going to the first one that comes along, we recommend that you come to our place, which is just waiting to take care of your beard and offer you a haircut to suit your image. 


Settle into our leather armchairs from the famous Takara Belmont brand, with a backrest for reclining and a comfortable leather neckrest. Let yourself be pampered by the expert hands of one of our barbers in Paris, with music specially chosen to ensure relaxation. 


A barber team full of experience


The great thing about all our barbers is that they've all been trained by the company's artistic director, Redken Brews. As a hair and beard expert, he ensures that our Paris barber shop in the Montorgueil district is ready to meet your every need. Depending on your face shape, your hair requirements and your needs, our barber in Paris has all the answers for personalized advice. 


Whether you're looking for beard coloring or a haircut that matches your style and personality, our smart team works hard every day to quickly understand your hair dreams. Whatever your hair type (curly, wavy or straight), our barber hairdresser in Paris will adapt his cut to suit you. 


Services with a family and fun spirit


At Barbier Bonhomme, we strive to offer you a unique experience during your visit. But because we know that you may not always have the time, or that the unexpected can happen quickly, we have a team ready to welcome you all week long. 


Quality services


We offer a wide range of services, always in a cool, relaxed spirit. Our barber shop in Paris has trained its team to become the best in shaving and haircutting. We never forget that a convivial moment is first and foremost a shared experience. That's why we offer a "father & son" formula, enabling you to get a haircut at the same time as your son. This formula is performed side by side, for a moment of complicity between men. 


A concept store, treatment rooms & an institute


A true barbershop in Paris can be recognized by its extra services. In your Montorgueil neighborhood, you'll find a concept-store dedicated to male grooming: electric clippers, pairs of scissors, beard and facial treatments and a range of essential oils are all on offer. So you can use the same professional accessories and products from our team when you're at home.


If you wish, our barbers in Paris can suggest you treatment cabins and a beauty institute area for customized treatments. 


Thanks to our barber shop in the Montorgueil district of Paris, you'll get a taste for grooming in more ways than one.