Find the best barber in Paris: what criteria should you choose?

Are you looking for the best barber in Paris, but it's your first time and/or you don't know how to recognize him? Because taking care of your beard requires experience as well as hair expertise, we've put together a few tips to help you find the right barber in Paris.

The best barber in Paris must offer impeccable service

Body treatments often involve physical contact, and this is especially true when you're being treated by a barber in Paris. But what are you to make of the salon if it's in a questionable, if not deplorable, state of cleanliness? Beard hairs in the sink, unknown stains on the floor? Here's everything a professional barber has to offer to make your experience unforgettable, in a healthy environment.  

A clean show from every angle

When you enter a barber-shop for the first time, you need to feel comfortable enough to entrust your haircut or beard to the salon. As well as offering equipment that has been cleaned and sterilized after each use, you should also be offered an immaculate chair. Any barber in Paris must respect these basic rules of hygiene to ensure that your shave or beard trim is carried out in the best possible conditions. Among the first rules of hygiene, changing the razor blade for your beard is essential, if not mandatory. Let's face it: a respected workspace is the signature of any barber in Paris!

An atmosphere that reflects your image: masculine and tasteful.

As well as being clean, it's natural to put your trust in a barber in Paris who follows a particular style. For too long, the hipster look has been associated with those who wear a beard with a slightly retro look, but a beard means many different styles!

Today, there are two types of barber shop: those who trim every beard to a particular style, and those who are a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. At Barbier Bonhomme, we've decided to go for an infinite variety of styles: we believe that every beard suits a personality, and we make sure that we perfect it. It's not for nothing that we're striving to become the best men's barber in Paris!

The high-tech boom in barber shops: beyond trends

In addition to being trendy, you'll need the best barber in Paris to provide you with a men's hairstyle that matches your beard or moustache, and of course your style. To achieve this, it's important that you observe his equipment, and spot whether it's right for your cut.

The importance of the barber chair

We couldn't just mention this object of comfort on which you'll be spending all your time. The barber's chair is indispensable, and many companies offer options such as a barber's chair. Whether in leather, fabric or velvet, everything is designed to bring comfort and style to your salon. The vintage barber's chair has been the most sought-after for some time, with its aged leather look reminiscent of the barber shop of the 50s.

But the crème de la crème is undoubtedly a chair that combines comfort and high-tech technology. With 360° versatility, you'll find models equipped with a hydraulic pump to adapt to the size of the barber in Paris and the size of the client to be styled. When it comes to beard trimming, some have a headrest that won't give you a stiff neck at the end of the session. In other words, the best men's hairdresser in Paris needs to be equipped with one, to keep up with the increasingly fierce competition.

Equipment & accessories: the signs of style

And what would the best barber in Paris be without his shaving equipment? Scissors, razors, towels, hair dryer, clippers and beard care products - it's up to you to observe his equipment. To return to the criterion of cleanliness, every instrument used must be brilliantly clean.

Don't forget that every barber has his own style, so it's up to you to pay attention to his clientele and regulars to get an idea of how to find the best barber in Paris who understands your beard and your style.