Beauty care and manicure for men: services Bonhomme

Bonhomme is an unusual barbershop that takes barbering a step further. We tailor our services to your needs, and we know how much you gentlemen appreciate a good manicure, so you can look good from the tip of your beard to your fingernails! Rather than going to a conventional nail salon, come and meet us in one of our salons, for a manicure in Paris and beauty treatments tailored to your needs and personality. 


Our beauty care services: manicure, facial waxing, massage


At Bonhommewe don't skimp on the importance of male beauty. We've developed spaces dedicated to beauty, where you can relax for a well-deserved moment of well-being. We offer a wide range of services designed to target specific areas of your body, and provide natural solutions for beautifying your skin and/or beard. 


We employ professionals accustomed to the codes of beauty salons, who will pamper you discreetly in our dedicated spaces. We offer manicures in Paris and Nantes, as well as a wide range of beauty treatments. What a program!


Our men's manicure 


" Bien parlé est nécessaire, aussi nécessaire que d'avoir les ongles propres ". Marcel Prévost couldn't have put it more aptly: a beautiful beard is most seductive, but what if your manicure leaves something to be desired? Because we hunt down damaged nails and polish your nails to shine, Bonhomme promises you strengthened nails, thanks to our dedicated treatments in our spaces, real little manicure salons. 


In addition to professional manicures, we offer customized hand care. This part of your body is constantly in motion, with the risk of dehydration and irritation as the day progresses. We restore vigor and tone to your skin, with personalized hand care. Talk to our barbers to find out more!


When it's time to wax...


Gentlemen, you'd be wrong to think that a beautiful beard can be 100% natural. In our aesthetic care area, our barbers are always on hand to wax your beard, as well as your whole face, for a clean, precise result.  


If you have unwanted hair that you'd like to see disappear permanently, our barbers are ready to give you their best tips for laser hair removal, as described in this article. Alternatively, it's always a good idea to test your hair with tweezers or depilatory wax in our treatment cabins. It's the practical way to remove the last stubborn hairs, for a clean beard on every occasion. 


Discover our beauty treatments for men


While you're having your manicure, don't forget that we also offer beauty treatments for your beard. To keep it neat and precise, it's always a good idea to use beard care customized to your beard type. At least, that's the vision of our salons Bonhomme. Indeed, as you may have noticed, we're very fond of quality products in our salons. 


We prefer natural products such as coconut, castor and argan beard oils. For their multiple, highly targeted properties! They replenish dry beards, restore shine and softness, promote beard growth and reduce the risk of beard hair loss and, ultimately, beard holes. 


Relax in Zen-like surroundings


Did you know? Massaging your face, and especially your beard, activates blood circulation, which is excellent for boosting hair growth. In our beauty cabins, where we carry out manicures and treatments of all kinds, we've thought of everything. 


Do you suffer from neck and shoulder blade pain? Our Bonhomme services direct you straight to our beauty treatment cabins, close to the manicure and beauty treatments we provide. We offer relaxing head massages, plus hair care products that are always perfect for giving your haircut that much-needed boost. 


Don't forget that grooming is all about taking care of yourself, from head to toe. Bonhomme makes it a point to stay on top of the latest trends, as demonstrated by our article around 2019's trending hairstyles. At Bonhomme, manicures and beauty treatments are always for quality results, with our mini nail salons in Paris and Nantes.