What type of beard to choose for your face shape?

Tired of not knowing how to trim the perfect beard for your face? Do you have a big beard and the desire to trim it is held back by the fear of not finding the beard that's right for you? Find out all our tips now! There isn't just one beard for any face, but many different beard styles: it's up to you to find the one that's right for you, whether you've got a big beard or a close-cropped one.

Take the right measurements before trimming your beard

Before trimming a beard, it's a good idea to take a few measurements on your face. These are designed to determine the length and shape of beard best suited to your face. We recommend that you take a flexible tape measure with you, to make measuring easier. This step is especially important if you don't know the shape of your face.

How do you take the right measurements?

Record all measurements in the following order: length of face, forehead, cheekbones and jawline. To measure the height of your face, unroll the tape measure from your hairline to your chin. Flatten it by passing it through your nose. If you're bald or balding, your hairline is above your first hairline.

To measure your forehead, measure the distance from your hairline to the tip of your eyebrows. Always start from the center of your forehead, as this is the widest area.

To find out the length of your cheekbones, place the tape on the most visible end of your cheekbone, passing it over the bridge of your nose to reach the other cheekbone.

Finally, if you want to know your jaw, the mistake is to measure the entire length. But that's impossible, because the measurement you need to take depends on your facial expression and the shape of your bones! Take hold of your tape and place it on the jawbone that protrudes towards your ear. Stretch the ribbon up to your chin. Now all you have to do is multiply your result by two, and you'll know the result.

Which cut for which face?

Now it's time to trim your beard to perfection. We remind you that there are different styles of beard and that you can opt for several styles, even if you have a face marked by a particular shape.

The round face

Very common in Europe, the round face is synonymous with cheeks that are slightly chubbier than average. Men try to hide them behind a thick beard, accentuating the bonhomme effect. To avoid falling into this trap, we recommend harmonizing by distributing the length across your face. To slim it down, shorten the cheek hairs and leave some thickness and length at the bottom. Say gooodbye to the big beard for a trendy, modern result that suits your morphology.

The triangular, diamond-shaped, oval or oblong face

If your face forms a slight point at the chin, you probably have a triangular, diamond-shaped, oval or oblong face (rounder than triangular). This is very often a face with a pronounced jawline, which creates an imbalance in the face.

To hide this pre-eminence, you can opt for a big beard or a full beard, which will hide and rebalance your face. Avoid a goatee, preferring the rounded shape of a big beard.

The square face

Trimming a beard for a square face will soften the protruding side of the face and add thickness. It's not advisable to opt for a big beard, which risks swallowing up the face rather than harmonizing it. Our advice is to opt for a moustache or a beard with greater density under the nose. A goatee is also recommended to add depth to the face.

There are many different styles of beard, so it's up to you to find your own style based on our advice! If not, visit your local barber for personalized advice.