Beard hair loss: solutions Bonhomme

Are you losing beard hair and don't know what to do about it? Are you afraid that all your efforts to maintain your beard will go up in smoke? Discover our grooming recommendations to ensure your beard is well cared for. All our tips are brought to you by our barbers in Paris and Nantes. 


Grooming step: understanding beard hair


Before treating your beard hair, it's essential to understand why you're losing it. To do this, you can always ask your barber in Paris or your barber in Nantes for further explanations. Bonhomme !


What is a beard hair?


From a scientific point of view, beard hair is first and foremost a secondary sexual characteristic that manifests itself during adolescence. Present in the form of fuzz above the upper lip, it extends to the cheeks, chin and neck to form your man-beard. While we'd all like to know how to grow a beard in just a few days, it depends entirely on the wearer's genetic make-up. If you'd like to learn how to maintain a full beard, click here!


Why does it fall?


Still taking a purely scientific approach, your beard hair loss can be explained by disorders in the development of your hair, which takes place in 3 phases: 


  • The anagen phase: your hair is in full growth over a period of 1 to 4 years;
  • The catagen phase: your hair is in transition for 3 weeks;
  • The telogen phase: your hair is resting and aging for the next 3 months, falling out in the following days.


Grooming isn't about growing your beard, it's about maintaining it with specific beard care products. It's a way of ensuring that your anagen phase takes place in the best possible conditions, so that your hair stays on your face for as long as possible. 


Of course, even if you're not grooming, you can't rule out other factors such as over-frequent washing, a dry, unkempt coat or hair diseases (alopecia, etc.). 


What can you do if your hair is escaping?


Do you want a soft, silky, full beard? To achieve this, you'll need to follow a few grooming steps to perfect barbering. Following these steps over the long term will ensure that your beard stays well groomed, giving you the impression that you're growing your beard, when in fact the hairs are simply healthy. 


Beard care: a step often forgotten


For the daily maintenance of your beard, a good grooming should respect the following steps:

  • Always shampoo with a beard product. In fact, a beard product does not have the same properties as a hair product, not to mention the fact that your beard hair is not necessarily of the same type as your hair (you can have oily hair and dry beard hair);
  • If you have dry hair, don't hesitate to apply a quality conditioner, either with natural components and preferably from the concept-store of your barber in Paris or your barber in Nantes ;
  • You need to take care of your beard, but don't forget the skin hidden by your hair! To revitalize your skin, perform a beard scrub. You cleanse it of all dead skin and impurities for nourished, shiny skin, ensuring your hairs grow more freely;
  • To give your beard a boost, don't hesitate to apply a beard balm (or beard mask) to deeply nourish your beard hair;
  • For the finishing touch, opt for a boar bristle brush with a few drops of coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil and so on. 


You have all the necessary steps to ensure your grooming, that is to say a good maintenance of your beard, with at the key a list which includes all the best beard products available in the concept-store of your barber in Paris and your barber in Nantes Bonhomme.