Barbers' secrets Bonhomme for your facial hair removal

We've covered beards and moustaches at length: but what about those lonely hairs you leave here and there on your face? If you haven't yet mastered the art of tweezing, or are afraid of an electric epilator, it's time to tackle your facial hair in detail with Bonhomme. You can come and visit us in our barbershop in Paris or our barbershop in Nantes, to try out a made-to-measure treatment service.


What hair removal areas does your barber treat?


Before we tackle the hair and get out the electric epilator, it's a good idea to spot any unwanted hair. Among all the areas of the face, some are very often requested in our barbershop in Paris or in our barbershop in Nantes. 


At Bonhommewe take into account all requests to remove hair from all areas of the face that suffer from too-frequent or conspicuous regrowth. As barbers, we have the experience to adapt our treatments to the density of the area and the type of hair you have. 


La taroupe


At the top of the list is waxing of the taroupe, which refers to the grouping of hairs on the glabella, the area between our eyebrows. This area is known to be sensitive because of its thin skin, close to the bone. To remove these hairs, the quickest and most effective solution is to use a facial wax rather than an electric epilator. Just take a deep breath... and you're done!


Dear bearded men, you have to suffer to look good, and remember not to schedule a date immediately after leaving the barbershop in Paris or Nantes - you're never safe from a few unsightly red spots.




Eyebrow waxing is one of the most popular services offered by our barber hairdressers to our bearded customers. Before moving on to the decisive waxing stage, we can offer you a massage with essential oils to relax and prepare the skin. Massage also stimulates blood circulation and hair regrowth: very practical!

For this job, our barbers in Paris or Nantes use electric epilators or simple tweezers, because they have an eye for detail.


The ears


Too often forgotten, ear hair removal can make all the difference! These hairs are known to grow with age. That's right, gentlemen: you'll need to keep a close eye on the development of hair in these two areas, both inside and out, or you're in for a real surprise! Electric epilators are not recommended for this area: tweezers are more practical and visible!


Nose and sub-nasal point


The role of nasal hairs is to protect the entrance to the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. Among other things, they prevent outside elements such as insects and dust from entering. On the other hand, while they're practical, we know how unsightly they can grow too long. 


That's why our barber shops in Paris, like our barber shop in Nantes, play the game by offering hair removal from this visible area. We also offer waxing of the sub-nasal spot, an area with varying degrees of hairiness. Our barbers use either an electric epilator or wax. If this is a problem for you, you can always opt for pulsed laser hair removal, explained in detail on this page.


Cheekbones and cheeks


It doesn't matter whether your cheekbones are prominent or discreet: hairs are always to be avoided if they decide to take up residence there! At our barbershop in Nantes or Paris, you'll always find a barber from Bonhomme ready to take care of you. 


In addition to cheekbones, Bonhomme barbers are always ready to wax your cheeks, so that your beard looks just right on your face. Remember, it's this attention to detail that makes the difference between a well-groomed beard and a scruffy one, as we demonstrate in this article! To get the job done, our barbers use tweezers to remove stray hairs, or an electric epilator to remove the legion of stray hairs.