Beard care myths

Barber Bonhomme, as any self-respecting barber shop, has a duty to dispel the myths. Whether you have a big beard or a small one, caring for it takes time, patience and, above all, regularity. In order to gain speed in hair growth, many of the solutions provided on social networks or on numerous blogs are not only useless, but above all false. Here's a quick roundup of product myths, faux pas of all kinds, harmful when you want to maintain your beard. Your men's hairdresser in Paris and Nantes, as well as barber shop Barbier Bonhomme, gives you the best advice for maintaining your beard.


Myth No. 1: Regular beard shaving darkens the beard and thickens the hair.


Dear bearded men, don't be afraid to shave off your blond or red beard - it won't change color. On the contrary, as many studies have shown (and any men's hairdresser in Paris will tell you): shaving is only the first step to regaining your former beard. Does your hair grow back brown after shaving? Shave as you like: shaving regularly is just as important as maintaining your beard. You'll never damage your hair, and it's sometimes the solution if it's too damaged and you want to start afresh.

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Myth 2: In summer, beards keep you warm


This myth makes perfect sense: with temperatures in excess of 35 or 40° all day long, the beard can seem a veritable hotbed of heat. Dear bearded men, you're forgetting that your beard is a natural shield against the sun's rays. Studies show that a thick beard is ideal for preventing sunburn, if not for keeping you cool, with a shady spot to save your skin. And don't forget that the sun is the number one factor in hair growth! Barber Bonhomme, as a professional men's barber in Paris and Nantes, can attest to this. It's easy to look after your beard in summer, and there's no need to shave!


Myth 3: Only a barber can take care of your beard.


There's something surprising about this myth. Now that beards have officially become a trend, we're no longer surprised to find countless articles on the Internet on how to care for and maintain your beard like an expert. The truth is, this myth makes no sense!

Although you won't have the same level of comfort as when you're taken care of by your favorite men's barber in Paris, a three-day beard as well as a full beard can be easily maintained at home. To do so, take the best tools recommended by your barber, who knows your tastes and the speed at which your hair grows, and tackle the task as often as necessary. Your favorite barber, Barbier Bonhomme , is always on hand to help you take your first steps in cutting and shaving.


Myth 4: Some products accelerate beard growth overnight


We're giving a red card to all barbers who have abandoned natural products and dietary supplements in favor of products with unknown compositions. Although widely available on the market, no product can really accelerate hair growth overnight. Based on your genetic capital, a thick beard can take several weeks or months to achieve the density and volume you desire. Don't be swayed by these products, which can ruin all your efforts to maintain your beard and cost you dearly. Read our dedicated article on this subject for natural solutions used every day in Barber shops Bonhomme.


Myth 5: A short beard is less messy than a thick one


Being a true bearded man is all in a day's work. If you prefer a short beard, don't think for a second that you have less work to do than a big one. Barbier Bonhomme is used to providing beard care for all types of beard in all its men's hair salons in Paris, and while it may offer a more intense conditioner, it always follows the same pattern for maintaining your beard. From exfoliation, to shaving, to shampoo and conditioner, to final trim and finally beard oil, all these elements ensure that your beard emerges full of vitality. A three-day beard needs just as much care as a full beard, both for long-term maintenance and for a silky touch and shiny appearance.


Bearded friends, be warned!