Trendy vintage cuts under the microscope

You're dreaming of a vintage men's haircut that perfectly matches your look, but you don't know which one to choose, and you're not even sure you know them all? Without further ado, here are all the men's haircuts that your barber in Nantes or your barber in Paris is capable of producing, with Barbier Bonhomme. 


Men's vintage haircuts: the ones you shouldn't miss


To facilitate our presentation of vintage cuts, here without further ado are all the super-trendy vintage men's cuts that you can find around the corner or on the biggest catwalks in the fashion world. 


The pompadour cut: the right basic 


Don't let its pompous name fool you: the pompadour cut is THE vintage men's haircut of the 50s that made hair history. Very daring for its time, it was mostly worn by the younger generation of the era. Its name will undoubtedly remind you of Madame de Pompadour, simply the favorite of Louis XV, who used to wear her hair up (a sign of wealth and aristocracy). Today, the meaning is quite different, but it's super trendy. If you'd like to take the plunge with this cut, ask your barber in Paris or your barber in Nantes, a true hairdressing pro, who will modernize your cut with an American gradient. 


Undercut is everywhere


Since 2018, the undercut has been very popular with bearded men of all ages, and is much in demand for both its practicality and the elegance it gives the wearer. Its hallmark: a sharp demarcation between the top and bottom of the head. Although this cut dates back to the 40s, it has lost none of its modernity, especially as 2019 promises to play on lengths. If you're a particular fan of vintage cuts for men, read our article on this year's 2019 trendy vintage cuts! Don't forget the trick: very short on the sides (American gradient), it retains 7 to 8 cm of length on top, brought back for a slide back effect. 


The executive contour: the dandy cut


If fashion is sometimes eccentric, it can also take us back in time with the Executive contour men's haircut, a classic-looking men's haircut ideal for fine hair. In fact, it's styled with a top mass of hair on one side, separated by a straight parting, which follows the contour of the head, while the other side is very short. Popular in the '50s, this vintage men's cut was worn by many politicians and celebrities, often combined with a moustache. Today, the cut is modernized by the addition of a few days' beard. If you need advice on how to shave like a barber, click here !


Slide back: why not?


Bringing a large mass of hair back is the slide back effect and the trendy touch for all bearded men looking for a timeless vintage men's cut. This men's haircut is perfect for anyone looking for length. Not to mention that it's perfect if you want to change your style: back, side, tied into a bun... This long haircut lets you change your style in a matter of minutes, which is probably why it's the oldest vintage men's haircut still in fashion. However, while it goes with all types of faces, not all hair types can wear it. This vintage men's cut is best suited to fine, thick hair that can be straightened towards the back of the head.