The weekly hair care routine

Is your hair brittle, split and falling carelessly over your shoulders? As a symbol of your style and lifestyle, not taking regular care of your hair is a fault that every gentleman must correct. Despite popular belief, women are no longer the only ones who take care of their hair, and any barber in Paris will tell you that.


Caring for your hair: how and why?


There's more than one way to take care of your hair. If you usually go to a barber in Paris, don't hesitate to ask him or her for the best advice for your hair. Short or long, wavy or curly, frizzy or stiff, before choosing the right products, ask your Paris barber for advice.


Determine your hair type


The first question a professional barber in Paris will ask you: do you know your hair type? These days, any barber in Paris who knows his stuff always starts by asking the questions or carrying out a hair assessment before getting down to business.

If you have oily hair, you need to use natural products to nourish without greasing. Avoid big-box products, as you run the risk of using products that are corrosive to your scalp and generate even more sebum, just to wash again and again... It's a vicious circle!

If you have dry hair, you need to nourish it to restore softness and shine. Don't forget that washing your hair too often can cause dryness. A barber in Paris recommends that you always wash your hair once or twice a week, and avoid touching it so that it gets greasy.

Finally, hair with no abnormalities (excess or deficiency of sebum) is easier to treat. Gentle shampoos, free from parabens and other toxic products, are the best choice.


What is the risk of neglected hair?


Have you waited too long to regain control over your hair, and now you're left with split, damaged or brittle hair? For anyone who's tried bleaching or waited for hair to come back on its own, there's nothing you can do but cut your hair.

Even though the trend is to go long and new, even the best barber in Paris can't offer you a miracle solution to save your hair! Taking care of your hair also means finally being able to enjoy the cut you want, one that reflects your personality, style and lifestyle. In short, who you are.


Our tips for your daily routine


If your barber in Paris takes care of your beard, he or she is the best person to advise you on your beauty routine. We recommend that you always opt for brand-name products, and forget about supermarket products, which dry out your hair more than anything else: the best barbers in Paris don't use them for all these reasons.


Steps not to be neglected in the shower


Of all the possible steps for your routine, start with the first one from your Paris barber: wash your hair with warm water, and finish with cold water to give it a boost and shine. Don't forget that the key to soft hair is to use the right shampoo to enhance your hair and correct any excess or lack of sebum on your scalp.

Once your hair is underwater, don't hesitate to add a dab of balm to deep-condition your hair - coconut or keratin balms are perfect because they're natural. You can find balms and treatments at any barber-shop in Paris. Leave in for at least 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. You'll find that detangling your mane will already be quicker and more pleasant!


Our tips for shiny, soft, nourished hair


Once you've finished showering, don't hesitate to apply a conditioner or serum to nourish your hair. Apply only to the ends to avoid greasing your scalp.

If long hair is the trend, you mustn't neglect the products you use. While styling gel is still popular with young people, a barber in Paris won't use it because it suffocates the scalp and accentuates the appearance of dandruff. Instead, use a styling paste, warmed in your hands and applied to dry hair. Unlike hairspray, you can easily style by hand without creating "clumps" in your hair.