A guide to your moustache

Gentlemen, there's no better time to take stock of beard and mustache fashion than back-to-school. The news is good for bearded men, as the Wall Street Journal tells us: the mustache is THE tip for seduction. Bonhomme is here to tell you more about this remarkable comeback, with a host of ideas on how to stand out from the rest of the bearded crowd.


The mustache at the heart of trends


When we think of moustache, we think of Clark Gable with his Italian lips, or Dali with his gravity-defying stick moustaches.... It's because it's synonymous with seduction and originality that the moustache is making a strong comeback, to be refined in increasingly trimmed beards, on the streets and in the barbershops of major cities: Paris, Nantes... 


Our trend study 


During the summer 2019 men's fashion week, Bonhomme was a real parade of beards and moustaches of all kinds. Although it was organized in honor of Karl Lagerfeld, young eco-designer Spencer Philips made quite a splash. Our barber's eye immediately took notice of his models, all of whom sported mustaches in harmony with their faces. We even went back in time with a modernized Gallic mustache!

Bonhomme tells you: the grooming trend for the fall is the moustache. Nothing more, nothing less. If you're tempted, learn how to grow your moustache right here!


What types of moustache are there?


If you're not sure which mustache is right for you, why not ask your barber in Paris or your favorite barber in Nantes for advice? Of course, you can always go to your barber and ask him or her to quote you all the beard and moustache styles imaginable: 


  • The thick, imposing chevron moustache proudly sported by Queens singer Freddie Mercury ;
  • The Dali style, outrageously worn by its eponymous author;
  • English, to be chic in all circumstances, as Inspector Lestrade is often portrayed in the oldest Sherlock Holmes adaptations;
  • The "pencil mustache" à la Clark Gable, which can be worn straight or accentuated towards the nostrils;
  • The "handlebar" and its sister, the "small handlebar", which you can find at Hercules Poirot;
  • The pyramid, with a larger base under the nose and tapering outwards;
  • L'horseshoe, which reminds us of spaghetti western films, with actor Sam Eliott as an example, etc. 


We won't even mention the toothbrush cut, the lampshade, the imperial, the walrus and so on. All the moustache cuts we've just listed carry with them an infinite number of combinations. We look forward to introducing you to them at Bonhomme, in our barber shops in Paris and our barber shop in Nantes. With our tips, you'll always know how to match your beard and moustache just right!


What you absolutely must have in your moustache kit


Taking the moustache plunge takes courage, but above all it takes the same amount of time and precision that you currently devote to maintaining your beard and moustache. Our tip? Visit your local barber in Paris or Nantes, and let him give you his best advice, and help you create your very own personalized moustache kit!


Our small selection of the best tools for your moustache kit


Yes, gentlemen, a moustache kit is ideal, if not essential, for you to seduce with a simple look, just like in the 40s. It's up to you to modernize it and make it your own seductive asset - while still respecting the proportions of your face.


Equip yourself with the right tools to care for your moustache on a daily basis, and trim it every day as your barber advises in this article. 


Bonhommestill has his moustache in his kit: 


  • A moustache comb, preferably with fine teeth, to ensure that each hair is picked up without tugging for good detangling;
  • A small pair of scissors, to go into the smallest details, for a perfect, symmetrical cut. Be careful not to cut the edges too much, as this could unintentionally shrink your moustache;
  • Clippers for occasional beard and moustache trimming;
  • For even greater precision, a shavette is very useful;
  • A magnifying mirror, because we forget that the success of a beautiful moustache lies in the attention to detail;
  • Don't forget your moustache wax, to give it the shape you want and make it more beautiful.


You've got all you need to create your own mustache kit to suit your needs, and to take it with you wherever you go. 


Special care for your moustache and more...


By now, you know all the trendy beards and moustaches that are possible, as well as the tools you need. Here's our favorite part: our barbers' best tips for maintaining it!


Taking good care of your moustache


As part of your mustache kit, you can add a beard shampoo, which should be applied once a day, to thoroughly remove dirt from the hairs. To avoid drying out your beard with daily washings, choose natural, synthetic-free products.


 The list of products for caring for your moustache is virtually the same as for your beard. These include 


  • Shaving gel, which prepares your skin while protecting it from repeated shaving strokes;
  • Boar bristle combs for detangling without damaging your hair;
  • Beard oils that you can apply after washing, such as 100% natural oils made from coconut, jojoba, argan, olive, etc. 
  • A mustache wax, which you can find in barbershops Bonhomme, with natural ingredients.