Focus on trendy haircuts for summer 2019

Barbier Bonhomme is your barber shop in Paris and your barber shop in Nantes, keeping you up to date with the latest trends to get you ready for summer! So that you can become a trendy bearded man, we suggest you visit your Paris barber shop Bonhomme to have your hair cut by your favorite barber. Without further ado, here's what you need to ask your favorite barber for a trendy and so trendy haircut! 


Vintage men's haircuts: why not? 


It's the big comeback this year, visible both on the catwalks and at the biggest haute couture shows. Bearded men, your barber shop in Paris and Nantes, Barbier Bonhomme , will tell you: vintage men's cuts are making a comeback! Discover all our tips for 2019 in this article.


The hair-cut quiff: the latest trend


You probably know this haircut from your barber. You've probably worn it before, without realizing it. The quiff haircut was so popular in the '50s that your daddy will smile to see you sporting it, reminding him of his own bearded daddy. 

The technique behind this vintage men's cut? A hair cut worked along the length, with short sides for an uncluttered nape and a large capillary massa on the top of your head. The big advantage? It's adaptable to all face shapes, with a wide range of variations. Ask your local barber shop in Nantes or your favorite barber shop in Paris for the best advice on this iconic 50s vintage men's cut. Our tip for standing out? Color your beard or hair to stand out from the crowd!


The back-up to the seventies!


If you've been enjoying the fashion of 2018-2019, you've probably noticed that mid-length is in. A true throwback to the 70s, summer 2019 is shaping up to feature the colors of the mid-length bob. Far from being reserved for the bearded hipster, if you've got curls, you've got all the cards in your hand to be trendy, chic and make more than one heart succumb during your vacations...


Under cut: a simple short cut?


The undercut has more than one facet and can be used in many different ways. Not to mention that this vintage men's cut is making a comeback, but in a new form. Remember that this cut is based on a short cut on the sides and nape of the neck, leaving length (much shorter than the quiff haircut) on the top of the head. 

Undercutting is all the rage, but you still need to know how to adapt it to the shape of your face. To do so, ask for advice from your trendy barber shop in Paris, Barbier Bonhomme, or from your barber shop in Nantes!


Adopt a wilder look this summer


Do you like vintage men's cuts, but love to hijack the undercut in all its forms? This summer 2019 promises to unsettle fashion fashion and that promises a hair year full of twists and turns. 


Always turning loops


If you've got curly hair, gentlemen, there's every chance you'll be part of this year's top trends for 2019. Let yourself be tempted by a mid-length cut. Our secret Bonhomme ? Take care of your cut by visiting your local men's hairdresser in Paris, and challenge your barber to a mid-length cut. Very much in vogue, you can always combine it with an undercut cut for a trendy and so chic curly undercut. 


The XXL length: a casual style that's sure to win over the ladies


Among the latest trends, the catwalks of fashion designer Jean-Louis David have been the talk of the town, with ultra-long vintage men's cuts. Gentlemen, it's time to go to your barber shop in Paris or your barber shop in Nantes to find the best hair length for a seventies look. For an even more fashionable look, and because long hair can get hot with the arrival of the sun, hold it up with a bun. Practical, it's been the trend for years!