Beard or hair colouring: how to care for it?

Are you in the habit of bleaching your beard to give it more shine, if not to create a unique, offbeat look... in short, to suit your image? While bleaching for men is becoming increasingly popular among bearded men, both beard and hair are quickly damaged and need revitalizing care. In all Barbier Bonhomme barbershops, we offer solutions to keep your beard soft and shiny with a few easy-to-follow tips.


What is bleaching for men?


The advantage of bleaching for men is that it's more powerful than bleaching for women. The hair is thicker and more robust, requiring special care. But you still need to know what kind of color you want!


Focus on bleaching versus coloring


We've already explained the benefits of hair coloring and beard dyeing. It allows you to match your color to your complexion, or to highlight your natural color. The advantage of coloring is that it only acts as a veil around your hair or beard, altering without damaging your natural color.

Bleaching for men, on the other hand, uses very powerful active agents to transform the hair at its core, removing all its color pigments. The lighter your natural shade, the more you'll be able to play around with flashy, trendy colors like the highly sought-after "silver hair", which is a real hit with men. If you have dry, brown hair, bleaching is not recommended, as it can damage your hair over the long term. For a shade as light as "silver hair", it may be necessary to bleach the hair several times, with numerous risks: hair loss, elastic or brittle hair, and so on.


Bleaching: not a good idea?


Despite the risks involved, you may be tempted to play with fire and achieve the flashy color you've been dreaming of. The risks are minor (but not non-existent) if you have natural hair that hasn't been colored in the past. In fact, as long as you only bleach natural hair once for men - and the same applies to beard hair - all you have to do is take care of it, so that your beard and hair are not too damaged.


Maintaining a bleached beard


If you've already taken the bleaching plunge, there are plenty of ways to keep your beard looking its best. In any Barbier Bonhomme barber shop, you'll find all the products you need to revitalize your hair fiber and restore its tone and vitality.


Don't overuse your shampoo


The disadvantage of bleaching for men is that you lose color with every wash. If you go all out and use (too much) care, you risk losing all your color in the very first wash. Be sure to proceed methodically: use a special color conditioner to strengthen your color, not remove it. When you wipe your beard, pat it dry to avoid stretching the wet hair, which may break when it becomes dry again.


The different moisturizing products available


Don't forget that caring for your beard requires the same attention you pay to your hair. That's why we offer you a number of solutions for caring for your beard, including :

  • Beard oil. If you don't already own this essential product, it's high time you changed your habits! There are dozens of different beard oils to choose from. While castor oil enhances growth and color, coconut oil is preferable for its 100% natural moisturizing properties;
  • The beard mask. Still little-used by barbers, this is the trick to letting your beard breathe, as well as your skin, which is suffocated every day by beard hair. This dual action brings natural nutrients to your skin, while nourishing your beard hair;
  • Style your hair with a boar bristle brush. The advantage of this brush is that it doesn't pull the hair, thus avoiding breakage. While bleaching for men is trendy, it shouldn't be overdone to avoid brittle or split hair.