How to recognise and choose a professional hairdresser?

Are you looking for a hairdresser in Nantes but can't find what you're looking for? You see many hair salons in the area but you don't know which one to choose? Discover all our tips for finding your hairdresser in Nantes without making a mistake!


What is a professional hairdresser?


You're looking for a professional hairdresser: but can you define the term accurately? Does a hairdressing pro simply enhance your face with the right haircut? Or does he or she possess specific qualities that a hairdressing school cannot impart? To give you a better understanding of the term "hairdressing pro", we offer a quick analysis in the following paragraphs.


Diplomas: essential to practice?


The diploma is compulsory, and all barber hairdressers in Nantes must provide proof of their qualifications. It has to be said that in 2016, the Macron II law addressed the issue of opening hairdressing salons without a BP (Brevet Professionnel). However, this measure was abandoned. So don't be fooled by the front of your Nantes men's hairdressing salon: find out more about your hairdresser's apprenticeships and schools. Between specialization and know-how, finding your Nantes pro men's hairdresser will be easy.


Hairdresser, facialist, barber... Which one's the pro?


There are many possible terms for your hairdressing professional: hairdresser, visagist, barber, and so on. All these words designate different professions or qualifications. While the hairdresser is logically distinct from the barber, the profession of visagist raises the most questions about its qualifications. Nowadays, we think of a visagist as an expert in hairstyling, beards, make-up and so on. Unlike a simple hairdresser, he or she is an expert in morphology, capable of analyzing and understanding your style in a matter of seconds to find the best hairstyle for you.


The signs that don't deceive


Is your Nantes men's hairstylist imposing his own style on you, letting his temperament get the better of your real hair desire? You're dealing with an unprofessional hairdresser, because although he or she must take your morphology into account to achieve a dream haircut, he or she must never go beyond your wishes. Our first piece of advice is therefore to choose a professional who will guide you in your choice, but never prevent you from choosing your style - casual or rock, short or long, parted or tousled, etc.


Pay attention to his work tools


When you first meet your hairdresser in Nantes, pay close attention to his or her professional equipment. From the styling chairs used to the working tools, analyze both the quality and the maintenance carried out. One thing's for sure: the workspace and the maintenance of the tools reflect the way your hairdresser works.


From welcome to service: our tips


If you're convinced by the front, the interior looks impeccable and you know that this hairdresser is a specialist in the field, trust your feeling with your hairdresser. After all, a haircut that suits you requires a real exchange with your hairdresser in Nantes, who must be able to understand your expectations in just a few minutes before taking the plunge.

As we said earlier, a hairdressing pro doesn't just cut your hair the way you want it. A true pro discusses your desires and your hair history before explaining how to proceed. At a glance, he or she is able to define your hair type and provide you with the best advice for taking care of your hair at home.