How do I clean my beard trimmer?

Do you regularly shave your beard or hair with clippers, and wonder how to maintain them properly? It's true that a neglected clipper can become less effective: irritated skin due to insistent shaving, dull razor blades, inaccurate shaving... Here are all our tips if you use a multifunction clipper!


Our morning tips


Your hairdresser and barber assures you: just ask about the economic benefits of looking after your hair and beard clippers, and you'll be ready to change your habits. In fact, nearly 80% of clippers that break down are due to poor maintenance.  


Regularly wash your lawnmower


Just because you own an electric multifunction trimmer doesn't mean you can't wash your trimmer. As soon as you've finished shaving, you remove the cutting shoe, which contains all the cut hairs. A simple rinse evacuates the hairs for a good cut every morning. But because beards aren't always clean when you're trimming them, it's a good idea to let your beard and hair clippers soak for an hour in soapy water, to eradicate bacteria, stubborn dust and other undesirables.


Razor blades


If you don't forget the cutting shoe, take the time to clean the razor blades of your hair and beard trimmer too. Shaving foam, improperly cleaned from your blades, can tend to stay on your blades and dull them, if not damage them permanently. If you're not lucky enough to be able to remove them, a small brush is supplied with the clipper to insert into the blades or brush them off. Alternatively, you can use a hard-bristled toothbrush.

If you have removable blades, you can wash them by hand, taking care not to cut yourself by cleaning in the direction of the razor blades. Multifunctional clippers often have many blades to get into every nook and cranny: in this case, use a brush to make sure you don't hurt yourself. If you have an electric shaver, let your blades air-dry.

Don't forget to clean your trimmer motor, but only with the small beard brush supplied.


How do you maintain your beard and hair clippers over the long term?


If you take the time to follow our advice, you'll be aware that there are other, lesser-known tips for your beard trimmer that are just as beneficial.


Oil your lawnmower


Surprising as it may seem, you can maintain your multifunction mower with lubricating oil. Its purpose is to grease your blades without damaging them. Although it's advisable to clean your beard and hair clippers with water, you run the risk of limescale build-up over time. This oil will purify your blades and give you a better shave.

Once or twice a month, pour a drop of lubricant between the blades, in the center and at the ends, not forgetting towards the motor. Activate it to circulate the oil between the blades, rinse with hot water and blot up the excess with a towel.

Did you know that the blades tell you when they are worn? In fact, as you shave, you'll notice that your blades are losing their color and an indicator appears. In this case, all you have to do is change the blades on your hair and beard trimmer to maintain your beard.

Thanks to all our tips, you'll see results that live up to your expectations for a multifunctional mower that won't break down and that you'll change less often!