How can I grow my beard faster?

You've never dared to grow a big beard and you're looking for the best way to grow it fast? Barber Bonhomme gives you his best tips for a beautiful beard. But don't forget that regular maintenance is the first step to beard growth.


Does the miracle cure exist?


It's true that there are hundreds of beard-growing products on the market - products you can find at your barber shop in Paris and Nantes, Barbier Bonhomme. Yet three-quarters of these products have no real scientific evidence to back them up. Forget Minoxidil, known to be dangerous when overused, or biotin.


Brewer's yeast


If you're looking for an effective beard-growing product, we can recommend brewer's yeast as a dietary supplement in capsule form. Despite the fact that scientific authorities deny that brewer's yeast is effective for hair growth and hardness, numerous testimonials attest to its effectiveness. Containing large quantities of vitamin B5, a vitamin known to ensure beautiful skin and beard, it is still contested by the authorities as actually helping to grow beard. It's up to you to decide!


Castor oil: mixed results


Castor oil is a must if you're looking for ways to grow a beard. Castor oil can be taken as a beard or hair oil bath, or used to strengthen and accelerate nail growth. In fact, it seems that this oil purifies the hair thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and that regular massage accelerates blood circulation. These are all factors that make us want to recommend it to you, even if there is no scientific proof that it is effective and grows beards.


Our tips for daily maintenance


If you don't dare take the plunge into dietary supplements, there's only one secret to a beautiful beard: regular maintenance. Buy a complete beard kit now, including beard shampoo, beard oil and beard brush. These three essentials will help your beard grow thanks to regular, healthy care.


Growing a beard: a lifestyle worth adopting


There's no such thing as a beard-growing product, but a healthier lifestyle goes a long way. Many factors, such as lack of sleep or skipping meals, are not conducive to hair growth. A tired body cannot regenerate as it should.


A healthy beard from a healthy body


Did you know that your age influences hair growth? Adolescence is the first period of hair growth, often timid and with gaps, as some hairs take longer to appear than others. It seems that the age of 25 to 30 is the right time to ask your body for enough energy to grow a beautiful beard more quickly. If you've had a good beard in the past, your body remembers it. So if you're older but have a bearded past, it's easier to ask your body for sufficient effort again, whereas a man who has shaved all his life has constantly broken the hair as it comes out, weakening it.


Resist itching


If you adopt a different lifestyle, you should not forget that growing a beard will require you to go through different stages. From a three-day beard to a full beard, you'll experience a lot of itching as your hair grows. If you don't have the courage to resist the urge to scratch all you want, you'll break your nascent hairs and jeopardize their regrowth. One word of advice: courage!


After a few weeks of growth...


As we said earlier, there are no products for growing beards. However, a growing beard needs special care.

Our first tip is to trim the ends a little. These are generally damaged and require a lot of energy from your hair. By trimming the tips, you can achieve better results for beard growth.

If you end up with a lot of "holes" as a result of growth, you can only fill them in by waiting for the hair to grow in. Unlike hair, beards don't have the same density all over your face. You can always brush your beard to hide these holes until the last stubborn hairs appear. But don't overdo it with the comb or brush either: one brush stroke is enough, otherwise you risk knocking them out.