Beard and moustache: how to match them?

Are you growing a moustache beard but aren't sure if it's the best beard style for you? Are you hesitating to shave your beard? Bonhomme provides you with the best advice on beard care and beard style, if you're still hesitating between a long or short moustache, a hipster or three-day beard. If you can't decide, let Bonhomme be your guide!


Discover your own beard and moustache style!


To find your beard and moustache style and avoid shaving off your beard straight away, you first need to ask yourself the right questions: "Will the beard and moustache enhance my features? What style of beard is best suited to my face shape? Do I want my beard to be easy to maintain, or do I want a beard cut that requires attention?". All these questions are vital if you're going to choose a look that's classic, grunge, punk, rock or trendy chic... in short, a mustache and beard trim to match your image! 

To answer these questions, please go to Bonhomme and meet our barbers, for customized answers! 


Our barbers' tips


Here are our tips for matching your moustache to your beard like a pro: 


  • always remember to respect the proportions of your face shape;
  • also depending on the length of your hair;
  • depending on the look you want;
  • depending on the investment you're willing (or not) to make in your beauty routine, i.e. good beard care - a detail that's not just a detail. 


In the following paragraphs, we explain how to match your beard and hair cut to your face. For further explanations, go to this page.


Does short hair mean long beard?


If you're a fan of the hipster beard style, be aware that this beard cut doesn't go with every face, even if you have short hair. If you don't have a diamond-shaped face (i.e. a face shape that goes with all haircut styles), but rather a square one, a big beard creates a predominant mass effect in your face, weighing down your silhouette. 


Your beard can, however, be medium-length or a few days long: you lighten the mass effect. With short hair (and if you don't have a square face), you can try a long beard. It's up to you to find your style and ask your barber in Paris or Nantes Bonhomme for advice.


Long hair: is a short beard a must?


Long hair and a short beard are a great classic, not to mention that a mustache to match your beard of a few days is this year's big trend. Although it's all a question of proportion, long hair doesn't necessarily include a short beard and moustache. 


You can play up the length with a long beard and moustache if you like, a beard style very common in hipster circles. With long hair, a short beard and a few days' moustache are recommended to lighten the shape of your face, otherwise you risk an unkempt look. 


What's more, a long moustache with long hair and a short beard will give you an original look, often used to stand out in beard competitions (as discussed here). 


Our barber tip: opt for a long beard and matching moustache if your face is triangular, oval, oblong or diamond-shaped. If your face is square, it's best to balance it out with a moustache that's bigger than your beard. 


Mid-length hair: harness your creativity!


Semi-length hair, along with long hair, is back on the catwalks this year. It's up to you to seize this golden opportunity: with mid-length hair, a short moustache and a long beard or vice-versa are allowed, and even recommended! In fact, with a medium-length beard, you can go for any beard style you like.


Whether you're reluctant to shave your beard and moustache or let your beard grow, the key is to take good care of your beard so that it stays soft and shiny all year round. Ask your barber for advice on a beard and moustache that best suits your personality, look and face shape.