Hipster beard

Barbers, you've probably been dreaming of sporting the hipster look for years. But while a hipster look is trendy and fashionable, it's above all a look that requires maintenance. Indeed, a good hipster haircut requires much more than letting your beard grow, at the risk of looking sloppy.


What is hipster style?


Before we launch into a grand explanation of what a hipster beard is, it's first and foremost important to understand what hispter style is and everything you need to know about it for a perfect hipster cut. Arm yourself with your best beard trimmer, because hipster beards require more maintenance than you might think!


A concept before barbering


Hister style is a concept. It all began in the jazz clubs of the 40s in the United States. The hipster was a white man who liked to go to dance clubs reserved at the time for people of color. Dressed in a quirky but still trendy way, the hipster style is one that stands out from the crowd through its dress and its way of being in society. We're a long way from today's standards!

In the 2000s, the American hipster is back with a vengeance, but in a different way to his ancestor. A blend of chic and bohemian, he is often referred to as the new eccentric dandy of his century. The typical profile is the symbolic checkered shirt, the Hercule Poirot-style moustache (well, we're probably exaggerating, it's more reminiscent of the mythical dad moustach), not to mention a haircut that goes in all directions - seemingly.

The 2010s assume an even more fashionable hipster, with their many tattoos, shirts and jackets in vintage styles and colors. In addition to their physique and long hipster beard (learn how to grow it faster in our dedicated article), the hipster listens to music that's not widely known, and goes to places that aren't frequented by the general population.

It's a paradox that can put a smile on many people's faces: by trying to stand out from the crowd, hipster style is taken up everywhere, becoming a true trendy phenomenon. Nowadays, who hasn't met a hipster on a street corner or in a local café?

So you see. Hipster style is a concept.


A hipster haircut: an art to know


To get started with this look, which is full of 1001 possibilities, all you have to do is decide which hipster haircut you want. Indeed, a big hipster beard trimmed to a shaggy haircut or held in place by a bun is not the key to success.


A beard full of surprises for a very special look


Now that you've decided to get into the hipster style with a hipster beard, you need to know how to look after it. To make sure you don't look neglected, here are our tips for getting started.


Shave your hipster beard to match your hipster style


If you're tempted by a hipster beard, you'll need to create a hipster cut that suits your morphology, i.e. the shape of your face.

But a good hipster cut is above all a cut that requires precision. So barbers, don't rush off with your beard trimmer, which is perfect for trimming the tips of your hipster beard but not for outlining. Among our favorite accessories is the cabbage trimmer, which is extremely precise and will prevent you from making an irreparable blunder. And for those new to the art of shaving, a safety razor is perfect for avoiding unsightly and painful cuts.  

Whether you shave the unsightly, unevenly distributed hairs on your cheeks to accentuate your cheekbones, or like the detail work of shaving the back of your sideburns to create a demarcation with your favorites, it's up to you to find your hipster cut.


Take care of it with tips accessible to all


If the shape of your hipster beard is an essential criterion, don't forget that it must first and foremost be clean. Don't forget to shampoo it with dedicated products, as well as to carry out a few essential treatments.

Among other things, dab your hipster beard with your towel to avoid damaging your beard hairs, brush it with a boar bristle brush to avoid damaging the hair structure, and always add a dab of beard oil. Beard oil ensures an aesthetically pleasing finish for greater beard-growing comfort.  

You've got all the keys to a successful hipster beard and a trendy, but not dandy, hipster style.