Learn how to repair a badly trimmed beard

Have you been tempted to try a new beard style? Realizing that your genius idea for your beard cut isn't having the desired result? Your Barbier Bonhomme professional barber shares his best barbers' secrets with you, so you can continue to be a trendy bearded man, even after your unintentional clipping. 


Tips from your barber


Seeking advice from your favorite barber is of course the first step before shaving. Depending on the extent of the damage, even if there's no turning back, we can always offer you multiple solutions to fill your beard hole


Dare to use make-up!


Before opting for a new beard style or any other beard cut, your barber is sure to have the miracle solution in his or her barber's kit. This may involve letting you try make-up. Yes, gentlemen, make-up is sometimes THE solution for you, to fill in a beard gap without even knowing it. Don't hesitate to visit your local barber and ask for a beard pencil to match your skin tone and beard color. With this tip, you're all set to wait until the end of your regrowth. 


Our tip: don't press the pencil too hard against your skin. Its oily substance can spread easily, so always prefer to apply small strokes, to imitate the shape of the hairs. Otherwise, your tip may be visible!


Hide your beard hole with beard balm


If you're lucky enough to have a big beard, you can use this trick to fill in your beard gap - in fact, here are our best tips for a full beard!

Discreetly, let your beard hair grow around your beard hole as much as possible if it's not long enough. The idea is to use beard balm (in small quantities) and apply it to the hairs at the edge of your beard hole. You'll be structuring them in a natural way, to hide your beard hole. This is one of the best grooming tricks you can use if you've got a big beard to fill in your beard hole, sight unseen. No need to change your beard style!


Our tips for growing your beard


If you're not lucky enough to still have a big beard, and you don't want to put too much make-up on your beard for too long, Bonhomme, your favorite barber, still has some natural solutions for your beard maintenance. Learn when to shave your beard like a real barber in this article!


Beard growth gas pedals


Let's be clear: you won't find any miracle products to restore your lion's mane and beard style in just a few days. Beard care requires attention and the right beard care products. We can, however, offer you beard products that reinforce the internal structure of your beard hair, giving it shine, suppleness and more. For vitality that leads to faster regrowth. 


There are no chemicals among these little jewels: only natural ingredients! Castor oil is the best-known beard product on the market. Often offered as a finishing touch by your barber, it revitalizes dehydrated beard hair. You can find a copy in your barbershop concept store Bonhomme. 


Give well-placed scissor strokes


If your beard hole can be difficult to fill, because your beard growth is slow, you can always resort to the solution of cutting a few centimetres off your hair with small scissors. Not only is this detail easier to hide, it's also easier to apply make-up if you opt for our first tip, which is 100% natural and easy to learn.